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Children Connected With Nature Are Better-Behaved
Condensed by L.D. Ramirez (sourced from a Philippine Daily Inquirer article by AFP Relaxnews)

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New research from Hong Kong has shown that children who spend time in nature may benefit from fewer behavioral and emotional problems and improved pro-social behavior.

Researchers recruited 493 families with children aged between two and five, and asked them to complete a 16-item parent questionnaire developed by Dr. Tanja Sobko and Prof. Gavin Brown, the study authors.

Four areas that show a child’s relationship with nature were measured, including enjoyment, empathy, responsibility and awareness.

The findings showed that children who had a closer connection with nature, as reported by their parents, showed less distress, less hyperactivity, fewer behavioral and emotional difficulties and improved pro-social behavior.

In addition, children who took greater responsibility towards nature were also found to have fewer difficulties with their peers.

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