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QC Government Supports Healthier Plant-Based Meals
Condensed by L.D. Ramirez (sourced from a Manila Bulletin article by Chito Chavez)

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According to the report of Greenpeace International, global meat and dairy production and consumption must be halved by 2050 to avoid dangerous climate change.

The Quezon City government has supported the initiative of Greenpeace Philippines in urging public schools and government offices to promote healthier plant-based meals.

Llorin said there is a need for people to reduce their excessive intake of meat and increase the consumption of plant-based food to help preserve the environment.

Further, Llorin expressed fondness for the city, as it undertakes a 'Joy of Urban Farming' program that adopts the idea of people cultivating their own food to provide families with a safe and healthy diet, and not only buy them in supermarkets where they are laced with chemicals.

"If we plant our own vegetables is it guaranteed safe for consumption,” Llorin added.

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